JW Victims Help e.V.

Our Mission

We are a community of religious and ideologically impartial persons. Our mission is to inform about violation of human rights within Jehovah’s Witnesses’ organization, cults and destructive groups in general and to offer psychological and legal support for persons willing to escape.
Therefore, the non-profit association contributes for support to the democratic political system, public medical care and child-welfare.

Our claims to the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ organization

  • Repeal the practice of shunning as well as no discrimination, especially of family members, due to leaving or disfellowshipping, .
  • Repeal blood prohibition for medical purposes, as is already the case with drugs today
  • No restriction of fundamental human rights as well as respect for the government as the highest legislative authority
  • Protection of the child’s welfare:
    • Treatment of child sexual abuse as a crime, which is generally the responsibility of the public authorities as well as active child protection by informing parents in the congregational neighborhood of the perpetrator
    • No affiliation by baptism before the age of majority (18), especially not before the age of religious maturity (14)
    • No psychic violence through frightening and distracting children by the devil, demons and doomsday scenarios
    • No psychological violence due to overstraining of (small) children by spending hours sitting still, mediating inappropriate content or being taken to publishing
    • No psychic violence through isolation of children by prohibitions on “worldly” customs such as celebrating birthdays as well as the bashing of “worldly people”
  • Repeal of the 2-witness rule in case of child abuse and domestic violence
  • No discrimination of women compared to men
  • No stigmatization and discrimination of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and all other population groups that do not conform to heteronormative ideas
  • Full implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (GDPR) including the right for information and deletion of all personal data
  • No interference in the most private matters of the members such as sexual life
  • No stigmatization of political and social participation
  • No stigmatization of higher education or careers in arts or sport
  • Active cooperation with government agencies and professional assistance in the event of mental suffering (e.g. depressions) of members

English subtitles are available
Udo Obermayer, president of the association, presents the foundation and himself at a glance.

Management Board

JW Opfer Hilfe e.V. 
c/o Barbara Kohout
Talweg 9 1/3 
D-86154 Augsburg
E-Mail: email@jw.help

(Register of associations at Augsburg/Germany: VR 202101)